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Game – MATCHING PAIRS – igra „spajanje parova“ je korisna vežba učenja fraza. U ovom slučaju, vežbaćete kombinacije glagola VERBS i imenica NOUNS kojima iskazujemo razne aktivnosti – stavri koje radimo.



Animals (mini projects)

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Done by Milica Markovic & Vesna Milosevic III/5
Done by Una Cancarevic & Lana Jerotijevic
Done by Irena Stojkovic III/2
Done by Bogdan Rakic III/2
Done by Dajana Jovanovic III/2
Done by Mihajlo Radovanovic & Jakov Guberinic
Done by Djurdja Zivojinovic III/2
Done by Jovan Bojic & Pavle Adamovic III/3
Done by Kata Stanisic & Sava Racic III/1
Done by Milica Ivankovic & Jana Tanaskovic III/3
Done by Andrijana Kostic & Lena Tanaskovic III/3
Done by Teodora Milanovic III/3
Done by Milica Mihailovic III/3

Our Discovery Island Starter

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A year ago my school started using this book for the 1st grade learners.


My birthday
At school
Festival: Halloween
My family
My body
Festival: Christmas
My pets
My house
Festival: Easter
I’m excited

HIPPO 2019

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This year, children can compete in a new category called HIPPO LITTLE. You can see the example paper on this page: SAMPLE PAPERS.

Past Papers Hippo 2018

Hippo 2017

Semi-final round, which is going to be held on March 29th / 30th 2019, is different from the preliminary round and more difficult, too. Here are the past samples of reading and writing parts.

Semi-final Papers


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Here is the test for my 4th graders who have a new edition of this year’s class book.

Keep practicing for you Test 1 and have a nice weekend!


Christmas gift experiment

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Presents are for giving, not for receiving, wouldn’t you agree?


Give people around you a warm smile, a nice word or even a present and you’ll feel the real joy!



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Remembrance Day (11th November)

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Engleski van klupa

At 11 o’clock on the 11th of November (the 11th month of the year) in 1918. the guns of the Western Front fell silent, the Armistice was signed, which was the end of The First World War after four years of continuous fighting.

This day is a special day set aside to remember all those men and women who were killed during the two World Wars and other conflicts. At one time the day was known as Armistice Dayand was renamed Remembrance Dayafter the Second World War.

The Last Post is traditionally played to introduce the two minute silence in Remembrance Day ceremonies. (In military life, ‘The Last Post’ marks the end of the day and the final farewell.)

A poem calledFor the Fallen is often read aloud during the ceremony; the most famous stanza of which reads:

„They shall grow not old…

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My 4th grade students Mina, Ana, Iva, Katarina, Isidora, Lana, Dario, Dimitrije and Jovan were busy before Easter holiday. They enjoyed making these beautiful posters!davdavdav

Lana Novičić wrote this EGGSTRA Easter poem and her friend Dario Lukša helped her decorate the poster. dav

HIPPO competition

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This year a lot of my students have showed interest in taking part in the International English language competition Hippo 2017. The students have already heard what they are supposed to do at the competition and we are going to have the preparation lessons at school. However, in this post, I’d like to remind them of the main language functions and grammar points that they should know.

♦ HIPPO 1 ♦

Ovaj nivo je namenjem učenicima koji su rođeni 2005. ali i mlađim. (Na moje veliko zadovoljstvo, ove godine ima dosta mlađih učesnika iz naše škole.)

Da počemo od gramatike koju učenici traba da znaju na ovom nivou.

                                 Grammar Points

• Word order  – positive, negative and interrogative sentences

Red reči – u potvrdnim, odričnim i upitnim rečenicama

• Adjectives (colour, size…)

Pridevi za boju, veličinu, opisni pridevi…

• Adjective + noun

• Adjective + adjective + noun

Imeničke fraze sa pridevom – a small house’ ili sa dva prideva – a small yellow house’. Ovde treba da znate da pridevi uvek stoje ispred imenice i to prvo pridev za veličinu a onda sledi pridev za boju.

• Possessive ’s     ( It is John’s book.)

Prisvojno ‘s da označi pripadnost, kao u gornjem primeru – To je Džonova knjiga.

• Possessive adjectives

Prisvojni pridevi – my book, your hat, his pen, her name, our, your, their

• Plural of nouns

Množina imenica – cars, buses, countries... uključujući i nepravilnu množinu – men, women, children, feet, teeth

• Subject personal pronouns

Lične zamenice u subjekatskom padežu – I, you, he, she, it; we you, they

• Object personal pronouns

Lične zamenice u objekatskom padežu – me, you, him, her, it; us, you, them

• Articles

Članovi: neodređeni – a, an i određeni the

• Intensifier – very

• Prepositions of place

Predlozi za mesto – in, under, on, next to, between, behind, opposite

• Demonstrative adjectives

Pokazni pridevi – this, that, these, those

• Wh questions

Upitne reči – who, what, when, where, why, how, how many, how much, how old

Comparison superlative (the –est)

Poređenje prideva- superlativ- the tallest, the biggest, the most beautiful, the best

                                 Tenses / Verb Forms

• Present Simple

positive, negative + interrogative forms of verbs ‘to be’ ,  to have’

• Present Continuous

positive, negative + interrogative forms of verb

• Imperatives

e.g. Listen to me! receptive use only

                                    Communicative Functions

Greet people, respond to
greetings, bid farewell     Hello. Hi! Good morning/afternoon/evening.
   Pozdravi                             How are you? (I’m) fine, thank you.
Introduce oneself and make friends    What’s your name? I’m Shamia.
Predstavljanje/upoznavanje                   My name’s Juan. I’m called Ali.
                                                                         Are you Maria?
                                                                         I’m not Susy, I’m Becky.
                                                                        We’re friends.
Introduce and identify others       This is Hamid/Here is Lina.
                                                                 Her/His name’s …
 Predstavljanje /prepoznavanje     This is my father.
                                                                 She’s my sister.
                                                                 Who’s this? He’s called Pablo.
Identify objects                       What’s this? It’s a doll.
Prepoznavanje predmeta    This is a robot.
                                                     What are these? They’re books.
                                                     What colour is …?
                                                     Find …!
                                                      Which toy is it?
                                                     Guess what/which it is (receptive only)

                                                     Is that a kite?

                                                     Guess what/which it is (receptive only)
                                                     Is that a kite?
                                                     Is this an aeroplane or a robot?
                                                     Is that an elephant?
                                                    Are they boys or girls?
                                                    What’s that?
                                                    What’s this called?
Ask and answer questions about age     How old are you?  I’m eight.
Pitatii odgovariti za starost                       How old is Maria?
                                                                           How old is your sister?
                                                                           She’s/he’s seven years old.
                                                                           We’re twins.
Describe people               Her eyes are brown.
Opis ljudi                           Are your eyes blue or brown?
                                              What colours are these?
                                              Who’s the biggest?
                                              Who’s got the longest hair?
                                              Are you short or tall?
                                              How tall is he?
                                              Is it small?
                                             Which is the smallest?
                                             Maria is the shortest.
Ask and answer questions about clothes            What’s he wearing today?
 Pitati i odgovoriti u vezi odeće                               I’m wearing trousers and a shirt.
                                                                                          Are you wearing a tie?
                                                                                          Is Sue wearing a coat?
                                                                                          He’s not wearing his shoes.
                                                                                          Who’s wearing red socks?
                                                                                          Is Maria’s skirt red?
                                                                                         What colour’s (is) Maria’s blouse?
                                                                                         Put on your coats.
Ask and answer questions about likes and preferences
Pitati i odgovoriti u vezi dopadanja
I like cake.
Do you like chocolate? (receptive only)
What’s your favourite colour?
My favourite toy is a football.
My doll’s my favourite.
I like oranges best.
Express and respond to thanks            Thank you/thanks.
Zahvalnost                                                  That’s OK.

Apologise      Sorry

 Izvinjenje     I’m sorry
Express regret    Oh dear!
Žaljenje                Oh no!
Make suggestions   Let’s go!
Sugestije                    Let’s go to the shop.
Express agreement/disagreement   OK/Okay
Slaganje/neslaganje                              Right!/Wrong!
                                                                     Oh Yes!
                                                                       Yes, very good!
Respond positively and negatively to questions     Yes, I am 6
                                                                                                 No, you’re not
                                                                                                 Yes, he/she/it is
                                                                                                 No, we’re not
                                                                                                 Yes, we are
                                                                                                 Oh, yes!
                                                                                                 No, it isn’t
                                                                                                 No thanks/Thank you
                                                                                                 Yes please
                                                                                                 I don’t know
Ask and answer questions about number
How many?
How many are there?
How many rulers are there?
How many legs has it got?
How many books has Maria got?
How many animals has your brother got?
I’ve got/I have two brothers
There are seven
There’s a/one duck
What’s five and three?
Seven and six are thirteen
Ask and answer questions about possession
I have a ball
I’ve got an aeroplane
It’s his/her bike
That’s/this is your school bag
This is Wael’s book
Has she/he got an umbrella?
Is this/that Maria’s bag?
Whose book is this?
Whose toys are these?
Whose is this?
Whose are these?
Whose jumper are you wearing?
They’re my/your/our etc. books (Possessive
They’re Maria’s books (Possessive s)
Talk about the day and the weather
                                                                           It’s (very) hot today.
                                                                           It’s sunny.
                                                                           It isn’t cold today.
                                                                           Is it Tuesday today?
                                                                           What day is it?
                                                                           When is your lesson? Tuesday.
Ask and answer questions about location/relative position
Where are you?
Where are the children?
Where’s the box?
They’re here.
Oh,there’s the …
There are toys everywhere!
It’s under/on the table.
The cat is by/near/behind the chair.
The teacher is between the cupboards.
Understand simple instructions
Colour the shirt red.
Draw/paint/cut …
Make a face …
Give your monster a …
Match the children with their pets.
Read this page.
Make a question.
Write your name here.
Understand social utterances / exclamations
                                                                                         What a mess.
                                                                                         Very good!/Well done!
                                                                                         Please/Thank you.
                                                                                         Don’t be silly!
Understand simple classroom phraseology
Here you are.
Are you ready?
Your turn.
No, not Maria’s, Susan’s.
Point to the picture.
Put the book on the table.
Turn to page four.
Open your books.
Sit down/Stand up.
Stop (talking).
Close the door/window.
That’s right.
Look!/Look at the blackboard!
Listen to me.
Come he

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